Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lots of scrapping

I've been catching up on lots of old pictures, I think I'll never really be "caught up" though! I have pictures all the way back from 2000 to catch up on! Here's a few I finished recently, I've actually done lots more but don't want to flood my blog with pages & pages! I'll have to figure out how to get a slide show on here.

This first page is my middle son, Tyler. He wrote me the sweetest note one day (which I took a photo of, of course!) and I used it on this page, which explains the title. My Ty is one sweet little boy. Here's his note, since you can't see it on the page too well...

This next page is about my crabby waker upper, don't mess with this kiddo when he first wakes up! He's getting better though! I'm sure he gets the morning crabbiness from his mother!

Evander's idea of a clean bedroom.

And some simple Zoo pages, I have LOTS and LOTS of Zoo pictures that need scrapping!

Where supplies for these pages came from: "Kevins Toy Box" kit, "Zoo Baby" kit & "Mr. Urban" kit by fr designs, Delicious Scraps & Jaydens Mama.

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